Isabel Menndez

Then if you progress it is that you have luck, if you advance you are a ball and a climb, if prosperous it is that the one that has godfather baptizes, and the one that no, remains Moor, if you obtain what you wish, is that you go to your ball, you go to yours, if marches to work to the foreigner you take advantage the gratuitous education of your country and you you are going to make money outside. And it is that, sometimes, in the labor world, sometimes it costs enough to be with which is glad sincerely of the other people's successes and, we do not say already, that it helps and it collaborates in the attainment of the same. Just a little bit further on, psychologist Isabel Menndez, although she accepts that the rivalry is a consubstantial feeling to the human being, says that is not used the same twig to measure when occurs between O-Men women, and thus when, fruit of a rivalry between men, one of them blunt on the other, to this one him will be considered astute more intelligent, formed or that to the other. But the rivalry in the work occurs between women, to the winner it is possible to be considered like a sorceress, and by all means, to the other like a poor victim. the woman who fights against another one by a work, an ambition or any other aspect that she considers important for her life, is not any sorceress. She is a woman it jeopardize with she herself and with its time, indicates Menndez. Caesar Gonzlez said to the journalist Ruano that had an answer prepared with care to answer those who asked to him: " how are you? ".

That answer was: then I am here throwing, with the liver in not very good condiciones". They say that an occasion, was present an intimate friend of the journalist, and later it asked to him: " Why you say that, if you have a perfect health? , which the journalist answered to him: " It is that if I say that my health is perfect, and that adds the professional success that I am having, go to me to destrozar". Similar answer the one of a woman that I knew, major and of a small town, that when they asked to himWhat so is? , answered: Well, so that you are not glad. According to one recent survey realised by Gestha, realised on the base of 4200 officials government, 44% of the survey ones affirmed that the personal prejudices, envy and conflicts are the main causes of which the labor situation is competitive and individualistic, and of which the atmosphere labor, is something rarefied. But worse, and it is perhaps what not rival knows that has been enslaved to the envy, is that the one that worse happens it is he, since the resentment and the envy, to which more high invoice happens, is to they feel which it, to that are overflowed emotionally by this emotion. In any case, it is evident that, it is a question of character, knowing how to win and knowing how to lose, because who is worse like companion, a foolish and magnificent winner, or a bad loser who does not accept his place? If our head surprises to us evaluating or promoting our rival companion, always have left to be able to say we: has been tongo . Original author and source of the article