March Marketing

Any person who has a business on the Internet, which aims to make money in through the web, or engage in E-commerce either in time partially or as a main activity, has different options or has several tools in order to perform marketing and promoting products or services that you wish to sell, and that ultimately is nothing more than promote their own website and achieve attract traffic towards him. I said traffic?, perhaps the word most important to E-commerce. If you still don't have it registered as such, (I mean its importance) it is time for you to include and take conscience that any business that you try to perform on the Internet must be closely linked to this word. In Internet, traffic, is the issue but we'll talk traffic in another article. In this, and as I said, I'm talking about options or tools with which we have to carry out marketing, and one of those options, is without doubt, the marketing mail. I would say that it is a tool that cannot be taken lightly, on the other hand should be taken into account because it is really very useful; but there are some aspects to consider. Some take the subject of email marketing superficially without awarding him the importance that it deserves, and I am not referring to its importance as a tool, but that without taking it seriously that is due. Many are unaware that the subject specific email for commercial purposes, is subject to and must be governed, by certain regulatory standards that indicate a series of requirements to meet so that commercial e-mail is legitimate. As a first measure or rule is that it must be clearly differentiated from the spam. If we go to the origin of the spam we must go back to the Decade of the 1990s, more precisely to March 1994 which is when you have records of the first shipments of unsolicited messages.