Marl Madrid

Or in the worse one of the cases one give ins the minor by chance even knowing what it happens. Hill to imagine one same in similar attitude much and all we think that we would act far better, but the words, at heart, are not more than words. Also usually we use phrases like which it mentioned previously: it is necessary to cut itself! To the jail! Life imprisonment! All this is very well but what effects have all that in our immediate reality? We say that the amputation responds more to a visceral answer that to which he would be permissible in our penal code, nevertheless the laws let enough wish when it is this type of aggressors. To put an example, to say that the crime prescribes at the most to the 15 years, and so some, when they assume and they face what happened in its childhood and decide to decide on the route of the denunciation, discover that already it has prescribed and that they cannot do nothing. We can adduce that the modifications or changes in the penal code are something that concerns to the politicians.

I believe she concerns that us to all, and if the politicians do not put themselves hands to the work we would not have to remain with the arms cruzados. After all who end up mobilizing itself are people like the father of sadly disappeared Mari Light, that lived that reality in its own meats, or like the people that we have happened through this and we were united through associations or the network. Indeed it was by char it with the president of the Aspasi association of Madrid () that I considered this writing. It said me to marl that already their economic resources had been run out to continue maintaining the association and that facing September it did not have left another alternative that to request a loan to the bank to follow ahead. With two children of whom to take care seems to me admirable its determination, although for that reason I did not leave of to scandalize me by the unjust thing that they are some things.

An association for its subsistence needs partners. It is a obviedad and nevertheless one does not take place. The sexual abuses to affect us to the childhood to all It is that a city as Madrid cannot maintain a so necessary association? Also it is certain that the institutions must contribute their part in subsidy, but all we know that the palace things go slowly, and when these arrive we hope that Marl follows the foot of the tube, for the good of all. Despite I cannot avoid to think about the people who are scandalized before the abuses, those that are exclaimed, those that are pronounced and they are gotten infuriated. What happens with all that apparent solidarity? It is that there are in Madrid no the sufficient shared in common people that they include/understand the necessity that associations of this type exist and can maintain them? Original author and source of the article.