IPA Automatic

So usually in the development of automatic irrigation area is divided into zones, which watering can be adjusted individually, according to the required standards in the area of irrigation growing plants. If your landscape countryside estate is still in development, the professional company for installation of automatic watering just need to cooperate with your Dendrology to determine the future of the planned features of the landscape. Automatic watering imposes certain requirements on the choice of water source, able to guarantee the necessary pressure in the system and automatic watering estimated water consumption for irrigation. On the source water for automatic irrigation area (village water supply, wells, open water, the well) ultimately depends on the total cost of the equipment for an automatic watering system. This is used by unscrupulous company – in an effort to force high-cost customer pump where it is not necessary. However, in practice it does happen sometimes that one installation of the pump can not achieve the required pressure in the system, so additionally have to install storage tanks.

Typically, this occurs because of the low flow rate of source water (ie water at the source simply does not have time replenished). Now it's time to talk about the pressure necessary for the efficient operation of automatic watering systems. For each type of sprinkler is the minimum pressure at which watering dips head simply ceases to rise from the earth and carry out irrigation. In average operating pressure for each sprinkler – 3-3.5 bar (for sprinklers used for watering the stadiums and fields, respectively, operating pressure increases). To reduce pressure losses are directly proportional to Depending on the length of the pipeline system automatic sprinkler installation in its chosen shortest path laying the pipeline network with a minimum number of twists and turns.

For the installation of automatic system Irrigation pipes are used IPA in diameter from 20 to 63 mm. The material from which made the data pipe, does not allow them to rot and rust in the ground, and also provides strong enough to withstand the low temperatures in winter. To lay the pipes HDPE dug a trench depth of about 30 – 40 cm line of pipe connected to the snap-compression fittings, which significantly reduces installation time with automatic watering while maintaining high quality. The service life of all components automatic watering system ranges from years to decades. In general, for proper operation, the system of automatic watering will last for many years, and the same will delight you, literally turning an ordinary plot in paradise gardens.