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Web site promotion in search engines – a complex of measures aimed at raising the site in search results for certain queries, the so-called key words. Our age – this age of computer technology, Internet its main weapon. We can not imagine a world in which there is no email, no icq or search engines. Internet the most convenient tool with which you can find any product or service, or information public procurement. Internet is becoming an indispensable tool of any commercial organization.

Meanwhile, far from all I can feel the effect of Internet advertising. Company site – this is her calling card for mass of consumers, but no one will come to your site without promotion and website promotion. Advertising in newspapers and magazines can only recoup themselves to represent a premium product. Advertising on television and radio more suitable for consumer goods. In the first and second case we address only the market B2C. But what if you need clients in the segment b2b? In our opinion the answer is obvious, the most successful at this point in time, will be Internet advertising! Yes it is promotion and website promotion ..

Among the obvious advantages are the following: investment of resources in the advertising pays off every day, go to your website targeted partners to who need it is your service or product. Website promotion is also PR for your company, you glimpsed on the Internet, you will learn about different people, start some kind of cooperation, and then everything goes as word of mouth radio. The benefits of online advertising allows great prospects for maintaining and developing the business. Seemed at one time very productive site promotion exhibition lose on all counts. Let's try to compare the costs and estimate the result: the cost of site development ranging between 20 and 000 – 40 000r., the cost of the new booth, far from these numbers. The cost of website promotion is from 15 000 to 50, 000r. per month, the cost of placing the stand on a two day exhibition will be from 50 000 – 100 000r. Competition for promotion of your site is about 10 firms – first page search engine in search results to show typical number is 10-30 times higher. Effectiveness for promotion – each day for the exhibition – 1 or 2 weeks after its closure.

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Minister of Communications and Information (ISI) of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Askar Zhumagaliyev held another meeting on the development Kaznet, the press service of the ISI. This meeting was held with representatives from the Ministry of Communications and information, JSC "KazContent" DLP and the "Internet Association of Kazakhstan." During the meeting they discussed issues related to improving the environment for hosting, peer relations and development in Kazakhstan e commerce. Recall that the question was raised of hosting another meeting held in June. Then JSC "KazContent" made a proposal to provide alternative hosting sites preferential access to networks of JSC "Kazakhtelecom", as well as do their resources "internal" to "Megaliner." During today's meeting Askar Eserkegenov, Commercial Director of JSC "Kazakhtelecom", said that the company is willing to provide preferential terms of subscribers free access to socially useful sites hosted on the sites of companies within the association "Center for Internet Exchange." According to representatives of alternative hosting sites present at the meeting, the proposal of "Kazakhtelecom" – a step forward in the development of Kaznet. The Minister advised the parties concerned not to delay its implementation, and as soon as possible to identify pilot sites to "break in" to the proposed business. Chairman of the Board of JSC "KazContent" Azamat Omarov reported on the signing on 16 August this year, companies Alma TV, STS and Baseline Telecom, "Agreement on the establishment of a unified Kazakh Internet space, "and the prospects for accession by other market players. He noted that "the world practice shows, that such initiatives have little alternative Internet service providers, and are beginning positive peer relationships for development, which creates conditions for further development of the local segment of the Internet. .