Economy can be beautiful. 22 entrepreneurs set characters. Economy can be beautiful. 22 entrepreneurs set characters. There is a difference. Knowing the changes our understanding of the economy. It is the distinction between the creative is a "child of the idea", with visions, unconventional, non-konformistischem concerns, the burning of the heart and "business administration" – so with factual knowledge, management, management.

Both are completely equivalent and equal important. The success of a company consists of cooperation – from synthesis – these two major fields. The result is the new. "It is said about" – shows examples. For information about companies that win the vote every day in the market and implement the synthesis of vision and administration, apply, practise and further develop. Each of the 22 examples einzene is written as a confession. Open.

Not euphemistically. Shows height and depth. At the same time, an attitude of appreciation weaves the entire book. The fascination is based economy ultimately in the man-be. The deeper we penetrate our being – the more we collect our own multidimensionality – more complex, more colorful, more conscious, successful… our actions will be. On this background, the book reveals three platforms: a) the knowledge, b) of wisdom, c) for skill and expands the concept of LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability). Lifestyle is offered here as an art of living and life skills and sustainability (sustainability) is based on the ability to manifest our inner richness in the outer world. Seen in this way, the book shows examples of manifestation – of people and companies that apply this art exemplary and imitation. Joy. Author Karl Gamper: Charles passion and thread through life is the combination of Economics and spirituality; He has for the expression economic spirituality "in the world. Why? Because it high time to perceive spirituality as an everyday. Because everything is spirit. Everything comes from the mind. The word spiritually leads to alcohol"(breath/spirit) and from there to the Greek. pneuma." "" "The word odem" hangs together as well as the prana "India's or the Chinese chi". People have always known that the spirit is the life breath of all. כדאי לך לעיין אצל רמי יהושע כדי לקבל עוד מידע. We have forgotten that varied and displaced and so an economy has formed, which deny these relationships and outsources spirituality. The economic wound which today as well as all the people of the world have emerged from it. Charles work and passion is a contribution to healing this wound"to afford and to live for themselves, such as an integral company works and how the > art of manifestation < ( can be integrated into the economic life. Karl Gampers profession and vocation is that of the author. Volker Schafer