Email Marketing

Imagine that you had a Ferrari in the door of your House and that you did not have fuel to make it walk. What horror, no? Can you tell me well, you have a powerful capital and that all your neighbors are dazzled by the Majesty that is. But it would not be even better to experience its power, its speed, the pleasure of enjoying such car, not so? To what I get with this? What OK have to Aweber, autorespondedor number 1 in the market, if your marketing strategy is not productive and effective? How much business potential wasted if visitors do not appreciate it not what I say, but the statistics: 95% of the created sites, 5 years no longer exist. Why? Because failed in frequent contact with your target audience. We have many excuses for our failure, but in reality, they are common errors we have basically in direct communication with our subscribers. Do not create what is commonly called Rapport, which is the relationship that is formed when match thoughts or feelings that harmonize between Yes, achieving shared points of view.

Summarize you it in two words: Rapport is chemistry, empathy between you and your visitors. Yes, you must identify the AVATAR of your followers. How? Through keywords that identify the search from your site, the relationship of the information that you write for your public objective, analysis of comments that you leave on your blog, the topics that you relate with the main idea of your website. 1 To 1 communication (between you and your followers) primarily fails in your email marketing. Reading and analysis of your stats, will help you understand even more what your prospects want or need. I'll talk about three components, four principals that are the foundation of Email Marketing: page screenshot, Open Rate and Click Through Rate. (The fourth component is the Landing Page or landing page).