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I see that with the previous arguments, it is clear that Jews are not considered taboo name at least till after the red string Babylonian exile, the kabbalah (Malachi the last book of the Old Testament uses it many times, this after the exile), and that the documents extra biblical corroborate that was jewish mysticism used even in correspondence.
I seems strange to consider that the deductions taken from texts such as Matthew 6:9 and John 17:6,26 are "of TdeJ and nobody else," were in fact taken from study center the answer given by Gerard Gertoux Hebrew scholar, specialist in Tetragramaton, who has been president Association Biblique de Recherche d'Anciens Manuscrits since 1991. Is Jesus ever utter the divine name or use the term Lord (Adonai), 'the even comes to the conclusion that at the time of Jesus was still speaking the name in the temple, at least until 70 when he was destruido.Por notice that not only TJ reaching this conclusion, the creation center doctor also gives an interesting answer to the question Do Christians primitive pronounced the divine name, 'I advise you read the book by the same author "A Divine historique du Nom" , The English version is entitled "The Name kabalah of God Y.eH.oW.aH Which is Pronounced as it is Written I Eh oU Ah its Story.", also to examine the response of the third link above, where there are several questions interesting answers.
With respect to the tradition of Matthew, I mean that historically has always been known: The first mysticism known author in establishing this award was zohar Papias, who, to 110 or 120, in a passage quoted by tree kabbalah Eusebius of Caesarea, states that:
Matthew … lodge set in the order in Hebrew dialect, and each one could interpret as the "
(Ecclesiastical History, III, 39.16)
. According to this information, some ancient Christian authors kabbalah bracelet considered the author of Matthew red kabbalah in the first gospel kaballah written in Aramaic, which would cabalakabala translate the Greek text now known as the Gospel of kabbala Matthew. Irenaeus of Lyons, Clement of Alexandria, Eusebius of Caesarea and Jerome Estridon of which are considered among the apostle Matthew evangelio.Es true author of this hypothesis kabbalah string that the modern completamentec not agree with it, talk to the copy of the Matthew manuscript of Mark and of course a Q manuscript israel – center that nobody has found, the only reason that sees Matthew as a text tree center that is later stated that "chronicles the destruction of meditation center Jerusalem in 70 AD, it should have been written after that, that's the same reason put forward to say that Isaiah wrote Isaiah kabbalah red string did not, and Daniel was not written by Daniel, because otherwise it would have to accept spiritual center that there are prophecies in the Bible, which is another matter. In this respect there are always people for and against the traditional form that can not be ruled kabbalah out as wrong, just that this other fashionable theory.
With regard to the tetragramaton only a small section in this biblical, it should be noted that in the Masoretic text appears almost 7000 times more than any title, which is not small at all.
When I speak jewish kabbalah of many bibles restoring the divine name, I say, most versions of the United Bible Societies, use Jehovah or Yahweh in the Old Testament, Catholic and other versions of the Bible 72 names of god Jerusalem, Latin American, Nacar Colunga. Yahweh used to name a few, although in some places, even when not using the name in the main text, there are usually notes explaining that the use of or los angeles center Lord God with a capital, is replacing the tetragramaton, which by dimension at least there, therefore can not address this allegation of misrepresentation, with respect to nuavo will also multiple versions in different languages you are using the name.
Finally over the name in the Septuagint, it would be good to get on papyrus Fuad 266 are the Cairo Museum (In the Work acumen to understand the Scriptures, published by Jehovah's Witnesses, are photographs of these manuscripts) These are dated between the first century and II contain the name of God in ancient Hebrew characters, I recommend reading 'The Tetragram and the New Testament', Journal of Biblical Literature 96 (1977) pg. 63'83, by George Howard, for additional information I recommend the site of the Biblical Archeology Society Online Archive.
Noteworthy is the fact that the Jewish Talmud contains the following reference to the Christian writings (here called disparagingly minimum) in the Century red string bracelet I centre center and II:
"The margins of books and the minimum should be respected, but must burn in place, and the names they are on sacred texts. Don