Social Impact

Camera phones have a large surplus of the social impact of the past decade. In a radio interview, Philippe Kahn discussed the social impact of the phone camera. While in the camera phone has been found useful for tourists and for other purposes civilians because they are cheap, convenient, and drinking, have also raised controversy as it allows pictures introverted citation needed .
As a device connected to the network, these mobile phones are playing plans significant roles in preventing crime, journalism and business practices as well Samsung as individual applications. They are also prone abuse as voyeurism, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement. Because they can be used almost immediately to share media, are a powerful tool of personal content creation. On January 17, 2007, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City announced a plan to encourage people HTC to use their cell phones to capture pictures of their crimes and send pictures cellular coverage or videos directly to the 911 .
Enforce bans on camera phones has been almost impossible. Are small and numerous, and their use is easy to hide or disguise, making it hard for the staff cellular phones and the application of security laws to detect or stop their use.
Occasionally, organizations and places have restricted the use of camera phones due to cell phones privacy, security and copyright issues that arise. Such places include the Pentagon, schools, museums, theaters. Saudi Arabia, in April cellular providers 2004 banned the sale of all the plans include camera phones throughout the nation for a time before allowing their sale in December 2004 (although pilgrims were allowed to bring in jadye). In South Korea and Japan, all camera phones sold in the country must make a clearly audible Motorola sound whenever a picture is taken. In Singapore with camera phones are banned in companies or facilities you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans that have an association with national security. In Europe, some BDSM conventions and play parties banned camera wireless phones phones together to prevent abuse of the phone camera.
The image of camera phones are linked to mobile phones the activity of industrial espionage and the activities of the paparazzi and some cutting in the wireless network operators.
Camera phones have also been used to discreetly take pictures in museums and other places where photography is prohibited. However, as is shared automatically LG and instantly, but the action is discovered, it is too late because the media are out of reach because, unlike a digital camera that stores images locally only for a transfer later.
The new phone with camera can also take videos. The cell phones videos and photographs of the Nokia consequences caused by the bombings in London in 2005 cellular phone plans were seen around the world. CNN executive Jonathan Klein predicts that number of camera phones will be increasingly used by news organizations. The ability to immediately share media from anywhere at anytime makes every citizen free phones a potential real-time reporter.
Camera phones capable of taking videos have become even more controversial than those that can only take pictures. Have opened a new candy bar phone wave of recording discreetly illegally. For example, December 30, 2006, the execution of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was filmed by a camera phone video. Guard arrested a day later by the actions.
In August of 2007 wireless providers was recorded with a cell 14 of a teen oral sex while keeping with another with every plan boy. The video, called Wena Naty, was uploaded to the Internet and caused a slider phone national uproar over the abuse of tecnolonigia andearly onset of sexual activity in adolescents.

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