Retirement With A Pension Fund

Strategic retirement with bcn – business connecting network with a constant presence in the media is many people realized that the statutory old-age pension is not enough to keep the usual standard of living. Therefore, the awareness to operate private pension provision more intense because per, and now for many people in Germany is firmly rooted. A pension fund is an ideal component to permanently save capital for a pension and to generate. Business connecting network offers this particular form of old-age pensions, combining investment concepts and tactics for the benefit of investors, his financial portfolio. From the outset, flexibility plays an important role. We see flexibility fund products, which incorporate the flexibility not only in their investment strategy, but also on their savers to share them. At the investment strategy this is, that the asset managers in the context of financial market supervision is given maximum independence in the selection of investment products.

This project, to respond quickly and accurately to market situations and to achieve an optimum return on investment. Flexibility means the investor vary among other savings contributions, make one-off payments, or even suspend, throughout the individual living situation according to. True to the motto, that life does not run on the drawing board and offers lots of surprises. Business connecting network sees itself as a networker in the financial services industry and the connection between product developers and initiators with the sales. We provide high-yielding investment products, brokerage platforms, financial service providers, distributors and Einzelvertriebler with our exclusive product range. Therefore, we generate a real advantage for our partners. For more information on the subject of Fund policy see: