From what age can you study? Also be achieved at least twenty. To get at least half of the age which is considered the age of reason (in Hebrew = binah). And while there are those who explain that there must study this wisdom until the person reaches forty years, I personally am not so according to this teaching, as many have been studied before and have been successful. Anyway, everything should be measured according to the purity of heart, as explained above. When man can certainly consider study each day.

However, the most suitable time to learn the depth of this wisdom are the long nights, from midnight, or during the day of Sabbath, as time influences. And so the night of Sabbath, at midnight, and holidays. Also during the festival of Shavuot, it is a wonderful day and the days of the festival of Sukkot, in the cabin (in Hebrew = Suka), because there can also achieve great success. Study on how this Wisdom The student must match the fear and joy, as it is written: "Rejoice with trembling" (Psalm 2:11). And these two qualities must be added humility. And the meaning of these three conditions in the same person is: a) You must experience the fear of making mistakes and sinning. b) You should feel joy because the study of Torah, certainly depends on it. c) Humility is above the two previous qualities and should be considered and say, 'Here am I and what is my life for me to deal with the mysteries of the Torah! ".