In the cities the man feels retired differently than in the villages. The city feels displaced because it no longer has to go to their daily work, instead in the peoples man continues to work in a way more rested in its field, the neighbor or friends, arranging the garden, cutting the lawn, etc. Differently affect women, always after work still doing homework at home (puts the washer, collects clothes, ironing, prepares food, makes the purchase, etc.). Retired once relax in home work, as already follows not doing a job after work. You can now organize themselves differently and have free time to go shopping, go for a walk with friends, enjoy the family, etc. The woman who belongs to the rural areas, is that presents a greater number of diseases causing disability and dependency (arthritis, arthrosis, etc.). 80% Of people over age 65 are independent for activities of daily living.

They help their children, caring for their grandchildren (take walk, carry and bring school, etc.) take care of the House while their children work outside, etc. Because old age does not transform the person they dims or increases its personality traits. Older people cling to their customs; they are more fragile in the psychological aspect than the physical. All these circumstances make the elderly person may feel active and full faculty continue to work at home, for his own. The problem appears when not can do some task, for example and climb the shopping bags down stairs, etc. Original author and source of the article.

Email Marketing

For those who are not familiar with the use of this type of software, it should be clarified that an autoresponder is a robot that allows the user to write and schedule email messages and the same programme is responsible for sending them to recipients in the date and time to be determined. Usually can find you it online like Aweber, or there are also softwares for download that you can install on your own server. It is used to automate the delivery of emails to your prospects or future clients and make an effective Email Marketing. With this you will get to be closer to your subscribers, connect with them, create a relationship and build trust and credibility. You automatizaras a continuous follow-up to all your subscribers to convert them into prospects and customers in a fast and economical way. AWeber is one of the best online autorespondedores that exist in the market, used and recommended by the best experts working in Internet.Let's look at some features from Aweber based on aspects to take into account in email marketing. Electronic newsletters. Help you to have frequent communication with your prospects and customers, where you can't transmit news, special offers, invitations to seminars with a particular date, focused on a topic specific, and you can also send it to a particular segment of your list.

AWeber offers approximately 150 colourful and attractive designs in HTML format that allow you to customize your brand through email, with your own logo, banner and colors. Custom Forms. It is a template designed in HTML codes that has fields to be completed by data, specifically name, surname, e-mail address of the person who signs up. You can also add any other field for a fact specific. AWeber allows you to create your own style by the number of designs which contains and the flexibility afforded by at the time of the creation.

Email Marketing

Imagine that you had a Ferrari in the door of your House and that you did not have fuel to make it walk. What horror, no? Can you tell me well, you have a powerful capital and that all your neighbors are dazzled by the Majesty that is. But it would not be even better to experience its power, its speed, the pleasure of enjoying such car, not so? To what I get with this? What OK have to Aweber, autorespondedor number 1 in the market, if your marketing strategy is not productive and effective? How much business potential wasted if visitors do not appreciate it not what I say, but the statistics: 95% of the created sites, 5 years no longer exist. Why? Because failed in frequent contact with your target audience. We have many excuses for our failure, but in reality, they are common errors we have basically in direct communication with our subscribers. Do not create what is commonly called Rapport, which is the relationship that is formed when match thoughts or feelings that harmonize between Yes, achieving shared points of view.

Summarize you it in two words: Rapport is chemistry, empathy between you and your visitors. Yes, you must identify the AVATAR of your followers. How? Through keywords that identify the search from your site, the relationship of the information that you write for your public objective, analysis of comments that you leave on your blog, the topics that you relate with the main idea of your website. 1 To 1 communication (between you and your followers) primarily fails in your email marketing. Reading and analysis of your stats, will help you understand even more what your prospects want or need. I'll talk about three components, four principals that are the foundation of Email Marketing: page screenshot, Open Rate and Click Through Rate. (The fourth component is the Landing Page or landing page).


In summary, the goals that we set to launch or relaunch our project. Not I want to delve into the topic of marketing planning, assuming that this by simple that it has been, has considered the most important aspects, defining market segment, classify customer, discover the differences by which customer should prefer our product (service, idea, etc) by on the competition, you have defined a consistent policy of prices and finallyhaving produced the message that efficiently inform our audience, we have the solution to their problems, the satisfactor of their needs, at a price that is worth paying. What follows is to be present in the mind of the consumer and the place where our customer makes a decision to purchase, that is different from the place where the payment is made. I mention this given that many customers show me doubts with regard to the potential of selling online, what I reply them, that what they are questioning is online payment and not business online, they are fully viable and convenient. An example for clarifying the issue of where purchase decisions, are made could be that of the housewife that she goes to the supermarket to buy a cereal, she will be influenced by advertising, the predilection of children and its budget. In the gondola of the supermarket, a variety of packaging and colors, as well as the advertising, the impellers and other elements of Marketing, do their job. Reason, evaluates takes the decision and goes to the box to make the payment, the decision could have been made at various points or scenarios, but it is likely that it has been taken in the gondola. Different would be the case of the husband who goes to the supermarket for the same product, if at the time of receiving the call from home, indications have been given him over than o which product purchase, the decision already this taken, even before it gets to the supermarket.

Product Market

Rather than deciding on putting low prices, it is preferable to find a differentiation (something that we can offer than our competitors do not do so), for example, quality of service. The option of low prices is easy to neutralize by our competitors and is difficult to be able to keep it for a long time. As for low prices, a strategy could be to opt for low prices when we are introducing a new product to market (introductory price), to thus achieve a fast penetration in the market, that the product has a fast response, or to become quickly known. Then increase the price due to demand (higher prices when demand for the product becomes high). Decide for average prices, i.e. prices near to the average market price, gives us the advantage of being comfortable to manage prices, but the disadvantage that are of greater competition. And by opting for high prices, I give us the advantage of achieve a higher profit margin, but the disadvantage of the possibility that we have fewer customers. Put high prices to our products, can take as a strategy, for example, when we are introducing a new product to the market, and want to take advantage of the purchases made as a result of the novelty of the product, or when we want to give our product a sense of quality or prestige..

שירות איכות כמו אתיקה בניהול ציבורי ומצוינות

שירות איכות כמו אתיקה בניהול ציבורי ומצוינות: חקר מקרה ב das Caixa Econômica קרוס הסוכנות הפדרלית Almas-BA לקחת איכות הטיפול למטרה של מצוינות, אתיקה בניהול ציבורי, מתכוון הארגון להגדיל ביצועים מקצועיים, מניע אדם, לשיפור התוצאות, לכן יצירת שירות איכותי. השירות מייצג קבוצה של פעילויות כי מטרות כדי לפתור בעיות הלקוחות עם פרנדלי ויעילות, עבור שני את האיכות הכוללת במתן שירותים אלה חיוני להשגת מצוינות מחפש נאמנות לקוחות ומשתמשים ולהציע גם לאייש את החזון של שינוי התנהגות, עמדות, כמו גם רכישת ידע וכלים חדשים. מאמר זה דן את התוצאות של ניתוח של מידת שביעות הרצון של איכות הטיפול das קרוס הסוכנות הפדרלית של Caixa Econômica ביאה Almas-, באקדחים החוצה עם עובדים, מתמחים, לקוחות, משתמש בשירותים של הסוכנות באופן כללי. הוא פותח תיאורי מחקר, לימוד לניתוח, אשר למד את הדינמיקה של שירות יומי ללקוחות המבקשים לחקור ולנתח את הנתונים שנאספו. התוצאות ניתן את ההגדרה של מצב פנימי וחיצוני מנקודת המבט של איכות המוסר, מצוינות וסיכום של קשר גומלין שיווק ושירותים. על תוצאות להשיג מיועד כדי להדגים כיצד טוב יכול לקדם במתן שירותי בנקאות באיכות גבוהה עבור הצוות של הסוכנות. המתודולוגיה של עבודה זו היה שדה המחקר וספרות הסקירה, כיוון שהם אחראים הנתונים המוצגים על-ידי הראיות של הבעיה ויעדים.

Internet Marketing

Myth No. 5: I have nothing to sell. You don't need anything to sell initially. You can start promoting products and services existing market niche. The best opportunity is achieved by starting in a niche where it is not the first person who goes into that niche.

You must find a niche where you get products or existing services. You can promote these products or existing services by a Commission per sale, through affiliate programs. While you promote these programs, may be developing something own to sell. Myth # 6: There are other people doing what I want to do, by It is futile to try to compete against them. This is one of the worst excuses, but it is still one of the most common found. Many people believe that if an idea is already being conducted on the internet, they have no chance to succeed. What these people don't understand is that if your idea is developing at present, it is because it can be a successful idea, and profitable. Remember, on the internet there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of sites that do similar things on the web.

If we hadn't taken this attitude some months ago when we started in this niche market yet we would be working for others. After all, we aren't the only ones we offer training on how to develop business on the internet. Myth No. 7: The only people who make money are those who teach others how to start a business on the internet. This hear it constantly, usually of people too lazy to succeed in life. Indeed, many experts in Internet Marketing that offer exists on the internet Tips of how to make money online. But if you analyze it carefully, these businesses comprise less than 1% of all existing Internet businesses. Your business on the internet should be focused on what you love it, always remember that.

Direct Marketing

Nowadays the frequent contact with our prospects we succeed through the marketing by email. It is the most innovative and effective way we have communication with people throughout the world. We can in seconds be sending a message and contact us at once with a single click with thousands of followers, but the best thing is that this contact is one, you and your Subscriber. You have the power to communicate what you want in seconds and with a single click. Through this e-mail you can inform, promote, educate, loyalty r yvender one by one, as if you golpearas the door of a House and ofrecieras you what you you have, but with the difference that he sought you, became interested and came to you. We all know that Internet elmarketing we try to be in the right place, at the right time and at the right time; without that visitors are aware of that or better said not interested, they only seek to resolve a concern or a need. The fact is that we must be there. Remember that email marketing is somehow to do Direct Marketing to audience specified.

These are some of the advantages that we got to doing marketing by email: make email Marketing is the most economic market products on the internet. Yes, and it is one to one. Marketing by Email today the second most effective that exists in the online business. With email Marketing, you can contact your subscribers in seconds and is mostly custom. With email Marketing, you can know what your subscribers require or seek through the statistical tool and your only offer them the solution. In email Marketing you have minimal maintenance monthly depending on the amount of subscribers.

Definitely with email Marketing can achieve sales to the moments and automated. In truth, the power of email marketing has NO limits, but we often limit him for not having the proper knowledge. Recalls, capitation shorten your learning curve and helps you that your achieve your goals in shorter term.