In summary, the goals that we set to launch or relaunch our project. Not I want to delve into the topic of marketing planning, assuming that this by simple that it has been, has considered the most important aspects, defining market segment, classify customer, discover the differences by which customer should prefer our product (service, idea, etc) by on the competition, you have defined a consistent policy of prices and finallyhaving produced the message that efficiently inform our audience, we have the solution to their problems, the satisfactor of their needs, at a price that is worth paying. What follows is to be present in the mind of the consumer and the place where our customer makes a decision to purchase, that is different from the place where the payment is made. I mention this given that many customers show me doubts with regard to the potential of selling online, what I reply them, that what they are questioning is online payment and not business online, they are fully viable and convenient. An example for clarifying the issue of where purchase decisions, are made could be that of the housewife that she goes to the supermarket to buy a cereal, she will be influenced by advertising, the predilection of children and its budget. In the gondola of the supermarket, a variety of packaging and colors, as well as the advertising, the impellers and other elements of Marketing, do their job. Reason, evaluates takes the decision and goes to the box to make the payment, the decision could have been made at various points or scenarios, but it is likely that it has been taken in the gondola. Different would be the case of the husband who goes to the supermarket for the same product, if at the time of receiving the call from home, indications have been given him over than o which product purchase, the decision already this taken, even before it gets to the supermarket.